shoe1Running is one of the best forms of exercise one can take part in. It is one of the cheapest exercises to do since it does not demand much in terms o equipment from the runner. However, the most important piece of equipment you will have to purchase is a good pair of running shoes. Visit cheap online basketball shoe store for more information.

Choosing a pair of these can be quite a tricky affair; there are several brands and designs on the market today. This is even made harder by the fact that each and every manufacturer and supplier claims that their products are the ones which offer the best service. But selecting a pair of shoes does not need to be that demanding, at least not when looking for the following features; which are important markers of a great running shoe:

  1. A splendid fit

When purchasing a running shoe, you must make sure that it is wide or narrow enough to give your feet that essential perfect fit. This is because if this is not the case, the shoe becomes too loose or too tight to comfortably run in.

You should therefore have your feet professionally measured any time you are going to purchase a running shoe in order to get your appropriate size.

  1. Weight

The weight of the running shoe you choose to purchase is of key importance. The weight of the shoe should be decided upon based on the weight of the runner because it directly affects the force that is exerted on the shoe.

For runners who have a low weight, light shoes should be okay. These would also be easier to run in. Heavier ones should go for shoes with larger soles and padding so as to create more cushioning.

  1. Ankle and Arch Supports

These are two features without which a simple run can result in sprained feet. The type of shoe you select must offer adequate support for the ankle, upper foot and heel so as to prevent any injuries.

In addition to these, the shoe must also be flexible enough to accommodate any directional changes in movement   without causing strain.

  1. Grip on the Ground

Regardless of whether you will be running on a treadmill or on a dirt road, the kind of shoe you select must be able to offer enough traction so as to allow for proper movement.

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